MediaWiki-l February 2009
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Mysql ISAM vs InnoDB
by Jim Hu
12 years, 4 months

Custom namespaces and discussion pages
by Snowolf
13 years, 2 months

Moving lots pages to a different namespace?
by Mark London
14 years, 7 months

remove sitenotice from main page only?
by Derrick Farnell
15 years, 1 month

{{REVISIONID}}? Or an alternative?
by Chris Watkins
15 years, 1 month

Limiting use/visibility of special-pages
by Peter Velan
15 years, 1 month

Redesign of media for my thesis
by Adam Meyer
15 years, 1 month

Extension:FileIndexer has issue with accented characters
by Francois Piette
15 years, 1 month

possible revision comparison optimization with diff3?
by tlg
15 years, 1 month

Special:WantedPages:Invalid title in result set
by Daniel Barrett
15 years, 1 month
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