MediaWiki-l July 2010
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Mysql ISAM vs InnoDB
by Jim Hu
11 years, 9 months

Custom namespaces and discussion pages
by Snowolf
12 years, 8 months

Does Lucene-Search Support Japanese?
by Ross Xu
12 years, 11 months

External editing broken in MW 1.15.4 ?
by Daniel K. Schneider
13 years

deploy wiki tree?
by Quiring, Sam
13 years, 1 month

making an article link to
by Phil Howard
13 years, 1 month

How to "activate" a new extension
by Alok Watve
13 years, 1 month

Exporting templates from Wikipedia
by Sandy Rozhon
13 years, 1 month

MediaWiki version statistics
by Tim Starling
13 years, 1 month

Protect tab not working the way I expected
by Michael Kingery (HL7)
13 years, 1 month
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