MediaWiki-l September 2013
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MediaWiki Benchmark Tool
by Simon Heimler
10 years

New Semantic Bundle released
by Yaron Koren
10 years

Backport policy
by Mark A. Hershberger
10 years

(no subject)
by Robbie Wray
10 years

How to anonymise MW database?
by Adam Nielsen
10 years

MathJax and Geogebra in the same page
by Webmaster Casa das Ciências - Guilherme Monteiro
10 years

Mediawiki virtual file system. Call for feedback.
by Alexey Klimovich
10 years

upgrading from mediawiki 1.15 to newer version?
by McEntire, Ken
10 years

Job posting: frontend dev (JavaScript) at Wikimedia Deutschland
by Lydia Pintscher
10 years

Overwrite CSS for articles in specific category
by Roland Wohlfahrt
10 years
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