MediaWiki-l September 2005
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Multiple languages
by James Gardiner
15 years, 2 months

imitating commons on private mediawiki installations
by Yongho Kim
17 years, 10 months

by David J. Biesack
17 years, 10 months

RE: [Mediawiki-l] Database Corruption
by Arthur Guy
17 years, 12 months

any review/rating extension?
by Lili Wu
17 years, 12 months

Can't access Mediawiki on Windows 2000 Server from clients
by Ferry
18 years

Re: xhtml to wiki ?
by RA Sebastian Dosch
18 years

Install: is putting www in front of URL
by Coombes, Andrew
18 years

Re: [Mediawiki-l] Difference in SQL statements b/w 1.4.6 and 1.5
by Ryan Hudy
18 years

the 'nogomatch' msg
by Pini Gorelick
18 years
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