MediaWiki-l March 2012
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Lis tes messages avant qu'ils ne soient effacés!
by Badoo
3 months, 2 weeks

cleaning out a mass of unwanted users
by Boris Epstein
11 years, 5 months

Please register for the Berlin hackathon - June 1-3, 2012
by Sumana Harihareswara
11 years, 12 months

Header Tabs Extension: Links Non-functional in MW 1.18+
by FFMUX Administrator
11 years, 12 months

Re: [Mediawiki-l] Cutting MediaWiki loose from wikitext
by Jan Steinman
12 years

MathJax on mediawiki 1.8?
by Mark Parson
12 years

Extension:GlobalUsage Installation question
by John W. Foster
12 years

CentralNotice only working on pages without short URLs
by Forest ForTrees
12 years

wiki auxiliary: for files you cannot upload to Mediawiki
by Haim (Howard) Roman
12 years

Receiving an email when new discussion entry has been made?
by Isabell Alcott
12 years
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