MediaWiki-l March 2009
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Mysql ISAM vs InnoDB
by Jim Hu
12 years, 4 months

Custom namespaces and discussion pages
by Snowolf
13 years, 2 months

Moving lots pages to a different namespace?
by Mark London
14 years, 7 months

Offline Readers?
by P. Hightower
15 years

Is LDAPAutoAuth Without Smartcard Supported?
by John Thomson
15 years

Problem with upgrading form Mediawiki 1.10 to 1.14
by Ekompute .info
15 years

Re: [Mediawiki-l] Left aligned table and bullet list
by Giuseppe Briotti
15 years

Re: [Mediawiki-l] Leading or trailing spaces in template parameters
by Jean-Marc van Leerdam
15 years

Upgrading Mediawiki
by Ekompute .info
15 years

Re: [Mediawiki-l] possible to display the result of variable+1?
by Derrick Farnell
15 years
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