[Mediawiki-l] <pre> without styling

Dantman dan_the_man at telus.net
Fri May 4 18:18:28 UTC 2007

Frederich, Eric P21322 wrote:
> Is there a way to enclose stuff in <pre> </pre> tags and have them
> rendered without the box?
> The box is nice sometimes, but not so nice other times.  I would like to
> selectively use it.
> Thanks,
> ~Eric
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Not specifically, but you can achieve a similar effect just with styles. 
The only thing that really makes a pre act the way it does is 
white-space: pre; so if you use <div style="white-space: pre;">Pre 
text</div> it will act like a HTML pre tag but it won't add the styling 
that MediaWiki adds to pre tags. Alternately you could create a .nopre 
css class which would reverse the styling of the pre defined in the 
Monobook's css and use <pre class="nopre">Pre text</pre>.

~Daniel Friesen of The Gaiapedia and Wikia Graphical Entertainment Project

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