[MediaWiki-l] Database exceeds size limit

Brett Langston brett.langston at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Dec 27 18:50:34 UTC 2018

Thanks for the suggestions. By deleting the cache tables, and the oldest entries from the logging table, I've been able to reduce the size to below 1GB and get back control of the wiki for now. It looks like I need to find an ISP with more hosting space in the longer term though. 



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Hi everyone,

I'm using MW version 1.29.2 on a shared hosting server  (PHP 7.2.13 and MySQL 5.5.60).  I've inadvertently exceeded the ISP's 1GB size limit of the database, with the result that I can't make any further changes. The wiki is still up and running, but I can't edit or delete content, no users can log in, and none of the PHP scripts will run from the maintenance shell extension. Because it's a shared hosting server, I don't have direct shell access to run PHP scripts.

My ISP has suggested that I reduce the size of the database using MySQL, so I can get it back under the threshold limit, and 'unfreeze' everything. In theory I should be able to delete unwanted old versions of pages in the usual way to free up space.

Using MySQL I've emptied the archive table (only 256 kb), but I need to be able to clear another 10 Mb or so without corrupting the database. What else can I delete safely to avoid crashing the wiki?

Thanks for any suggestions,


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