[MediaWiki-l] 504 Gateway Time-out

herve herve at drivrsdu.fr
Sat Dec 8 17:08:22 UTC 2018


I've a mediawiki 1.31.1 site at https://drivrsdu.fr/dicof/w/index.php . 
Until now it was good. But now he answer me : "504 Gateway Time-out,The 
server didn't respond in time". I don't understand why.

If I use https://drivrsdu.fr/dicof/w/mw-config/index.php , I can enter 
the $wgUpgradeKey, and after i get a 504 error again.

With a command line on the server, if I do >php maintenance/shell.php or 
 >php maintenance/showSiteStats.php I have no answer, the command 
doesn't return.

What's happend and what I can do ? Thanks for your help.

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