[MediaWiki-l] Announcing: the Enterprise MediaWiki Consortium

Yaron Koren yaron at wikiworks.com
Wed May 24 14:49:58 UTC 2017


I'm very excited to announce the launch of the Enterprise MediaWiki
Consortium (EMC), an organization devoted to supporting and maintaining
"enterprise MediaWiki" software.

As you may know, a lot of open-source software has some sort of
organization or foundation that is intended to pool money from users of the
software toward developers. MediaWiki is in an unusual situation: it is
funded by the Wikimedia Foundation (and, to a lesser extent, Wikimedia
Deutschland and others), but those organizations' primary allegiance is to
software that runs on Wikimedia sites. That leaves a lot of
MediaWiki-related software (extensions, skins, etc.) that is mostly
intended for use on non-Wikimedia sites, i.e. "enterprise" uses: some of
this software has significant usage, but very little of it has
institutional support.

That is where the Enterprise MediaWiki Consortium fits in. It is intended
to fund the development of extensions and other software that otherwise has
no funding source. The set of software being funded is entirely up to the
membership of the EMC, and of course the amount of support that can be
provided depends on the amount of money that members contribute - an amount
that will hopefully grow over time.

If you belong to an organization, company or website that makes use of
MediaWiki - and specifically, of MediaWiki-related software not used on
Wikimedia sites - please consider joining the Enterprise MediaWiki
Consortium - to provide much-needed support for the software you use, and
to have a greater say in shaping its future.

You can read more about the EMC here:



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