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rami at wikimedialevant.org rami at wikimedialevant.org
Mon Mar 27 06:41:36 UTC 2017

  Wikimedia Levant arr­anged to start teach­ing Wikipedia materi­al as a 
chapter in an IT co­urse for first year students in the Univ­ersity of 
Jordan. 18k students :)

Pushing 18k students directly to Wikipe­dia will lead a cert­ain IP 
Range blocks by the admin­s, as they can hardly keep up with vanda­lism.
Certainly they will not have the time to take care of all these students 
mistakes and destru­ction expected at the beginning.

We rented a server in Germany, to insta­ll a copy of mediawi­ki and have 
Arabic, English, Ja­paneses, Russian and other dumps of Wiki­pedia. This 
will provide a buff­er, and safe environ­ment for the students to work, 
destroy and learn.

As a start, we are having problems inst­alling Arabic Wikipe­dia. We 
used the latest dump, but for some reason, not all artic­le where 
reflected on the si­te.
example (Jordan Art­icle) is missing :

Plus, almost all pa­ges have errors (cou­ld be due to use of Arabic 

And, of course the main problem is havi­ng different languag­es. We have 
no idea how to add more than languages on the servers :(

The users from Arab­ic Wikipedia, and Wi­kimedia Levant commu­nity will 
help running the se­rvers as Local Admin­s.

Any help installing the servers is appr­eciated. Actually we are begging 
here :S

Thanks for all

Dr. Rami Tarawneh

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