[MediaWiki-l] No Infobox/Summary displayed

martin knaup almetalbahn at outlook.com
Tue Mar 14 04:53:25 UTC 2017


For a personal project I installed a fresh wiki without any extensions. I read a lot manual pages but it really hard to find help - e g community forum - when something doesn't work as described. So I hope to find some help here.

At the moment I have two problems. I start with one.

I upload an image and add a Infobox / Summary. Code is:

== {{int:filedesc}} ==


| description=DB 798 729 und Klv 53 0749 in Bahnhof Ringelstein.

| date=2014-5-23

| author=Klaus Brockmeier

| source=Flickr


But when I save the changes I see only a Link "Template:Information" for an unwritten page.

What do I wrong? Thanks, Martin

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