[MediaWiki-l] Page Forms-like extension for Wikibase? Using Semantic MediaWiki with Wikibase?

Greg S stuppie at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 00:49:36 UTC 2017

I am interested in running a local instance of wikibase, but I would like a
custom interface to edit statements. It would be great if I had a form-like
interface, which, once filled out, would generate the statements. This
would be useful for editing data for a specific class of item, that all
have certain properties. In addition, I'd like to restrict possible values
for certain fields and be able to have dropdown menus. Does anything like
this exist? Is there a way to use Page Forms (i.e. Semantic MediaWiki) with
Wikibase? What is the wikidata online editing interface even called?


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