[MediaWiki-l] Error saving translation: Unknown , error: "TPT-unknown-page"

Raül Presseguer raulpresseguer at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 8 08:42:56 UTC 2017


We have an error unresolved, which is very important for us.

The issue is that we have different wikis destined for NGOs,
associations and Foundations. Wikis were made in Spanish at first. Now
we need to translate into Catalan and this is where we have problems.

The wikis are on version 1.26.4 because of the PHP server version.
We installed the correct packages of Universal Language Selector and
Translate. It's all set up, in the wiki is everything right but when we
go to translate we see the error:  Error saving translation: Unknown
error: "TPT-unknown-page"

I have seen several pages talking about this error and obviously the wiki page
https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Job_queue  and we think is probably
a matter of running the runjobs but we spent two last weeks trying to
fix it and we will not have a result. Server where we host the wiki has
a routine cron server running the /maintenance/runjobs.php every 5
minutes, but even then there is no way to leave the error.

You know what could happen? It's very important for us to translate
these wikis into Catalan, but we can't fix this error, and we don't know
where to find a good solution.

Thank you very much

Raül Presseguer
Telf: +34 646 693 446

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