[MediaWiki-l] Hidden categories: page_props consistence

Valerio Bozzolan bozzolan.valerio at educ.di.unito.it
Thu Jul 20 00:53:39 UTC 2017


Today I've learned that an hidden category (using __HIDDENCAT__) is just
a page with a certain property in the `page_props` database table. To be
precise, it should have 'pp_propname' => 'hiddencat'.


Having said that:

1. Why the hell in my personal MediaWiki database I have
'68696464656e636174' as 'pp_propername' value (instead of the expected
'hiddencat' value)?
2. What does '68696464656e636174' mean?
3. Why does it work as expected?
3.1 Are there magic/obscure/evil lines of code behind the database
abstraction layer?

Yes, I admit that I'm using MediaWiki 1.27.3 but yes, my local
WikiPage.php looks exactly as the linked documentation.

Thanks for this clarification :D

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Valerio Bozzolan

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