[MediaWiki-l] The migration of the Database left some contents out

Nordik nordik at riseup.net
Thu Aug 10 03:27:25 UTC 2017


I recently migrated a MediaWiki, files and database. The contents (DB)
were migrated well except for one detail: All contents starting with
"WikiRioDoce:" were not migrated.
WikiRioDoce is not officially a NameSpace, but I have it used to specify
a content type.

You can see here: http://wikiriodoce.org/
Examples of these contents:
- WikiRIoDoce:Sobre
- WikiRioDoce:Explorar
- etc etc

I already tried again and the same thing. All contents except those with
the name "WikiRioDoce: ...." are migrated.

A curious detail: The links to those pages appear in red, but in the
search engine the names of the pages appear, even in blue, but when they
enter they do not exist!

The methodology I used was:

Server1 -> Server2
MW 1.26 -> 1.29

The migration of the Database was:
Server1: Export with phpMyAdmin in SQL file.
Server2: Import with SSH command: mysql -u user_db -p name_db <file_db.sql

At the end of the migration I ran the following command to update the
>> "php maintenance / update.php"
And worked properly!

Any ideas that may be failing?

Thanks!! Hugs!


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