[MediaWiki-l] Large debug file

Brian Wolff bawolff at gmail.com
Sat Aug 5 06:19:53 UTC 2017

Debug logging is generally meant for debugging issues as they come up,
not for usage in production - especially when set to record all debug

If you really want to keep debug logging on all the time, I'd
recommend adjusting the severity of events that are recorded to avoid
huge files - for example, you can see what stuff WMF logs by looking
at $wmgMonologChannels in
https://noc.wikimedia.org/conf/InitialiseSettings.php.txt (Wikimedia
has a rather complex logging config to make it all work with
logstash). At the very least it probably makes sense to disable
running debug logging when running maintenance scripts that do
repetitive actions over and over again very quickly.


On Sat, Aug 5, 2017 at 5:04 AM, John <phoenixoverride at gmail.com> wrote:
> I just upgraded my wiki to 1.30 and am running refreshlinks.php and Im
> getting a massive debug.log file consisting of:
> RX <== getStatus
> TX ==> return
> RX <== return
> Over and over again (about 600mb worth so far)
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