[MediaWiki-l] Where are the Web fonts loaded?

Amir E. Aharoni amir.aharoni at mail.huji.ac.il
Wed Apr 19 07:21:09 UTC 2017

They can be enabled by clicking the gear icon near the Languages list, then
clicking "Fonts", and checking "Download fonts when needed".

This was on by default for some time in 2013, but it turned out to cause
severe performance problems and was made opt-in.

By 2017 the issues are quite different given the technology landscape:
modern operating systems supports fonts better, and some of the webfonts
specifications in web standards changed as well. The whole feature should
be redone, although unfortunately this is not currently on the top of the
Language team's priority list.

That said, I'm ALWAYS willing to hear about _problems_ in different
languages. AFAIK, the issue with Persian is that the text is usually
readable, but not as elegant as it should be, although I'm very interested
in hearing more details. For some other languages, especially of South and
South East Asia, fonts are not installed in operating systems at all, so
they are completely unreadable, although this is getting better in the
latest versions of desktop Linux, Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS.

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2017-04-19 9:56 GMT+03:00 Emmanuel Engelhart <kelson at kiwix.org>:

> Hi
> A few Wikipedias - like the Wikipedia in Farsi - (should) have support
> for Web fonts. This is done to insure that the display of the article is
> done correctly. Unfortunately I have difficulties to find them, where
> are they defined/loaded?
> Kind regards
> Emmanuel
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