[MediaWiki-l] Difference in extension Data Transfer version 0.6.1 and 0.6.2

M.M.H. Hendriks m.hendriks at erasmusmc.nl
Mon Sep 12 12:00:04 UTC 2016


I hope I can reach Yaron Koren with my question on this list:

I use extension Data Transfer version 0.6.1 (and earlier) to export pages in a .CSV-file from one wiki and import that .CSV-file into another wiki. 
In the exportfile the new pagetitle is choosen to be one of the semantic properties. 
In the first wiki and the .CSV-file I use UTF-8 characters with accents. 
So far so good.

Until Data Transfer 0.6.1 the characters with accents were imported and arrived without problem in the second wiki;
After implementing Data Transfer 0.6.2 this is no longer the case. 

For instance UTF-8 character %C3 %A9 
shown as expected as é in the first wiki, 
is shown as é after import in the second wiki.

What can be the problem?

Kind regards,

Max Hendriks

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