[MediaWiki-l] Permanently remove old revisions and unused files?

Mickey Feldman mfeldman at vigil.com
Thu Feb 4 20:38:02 UTC 2016

I have been looking for an extension or process to remove all revisions 
of pages "older than _date_" or "all but the last _n_", but have not 
found anything close.

This is a private corporate wiki used for internal documentation. Pages 
evolve, but then generally stabilize and are then only for reference and 
rarely edited. There is no need to keep the 100's of revisions that grew 
them to their final form.

Likewise, there are older and unused versions of uploaded files that are 
just clutter.

Extension:Nuke does not meet this need.
Extension:DeleteBatch doesn't either.
Extension:DeletePagePermanently - nope.

There are maintenance scripts for Deleting Archived revisions and 
purging old text - also not what I'm looking for.

So far I'm finding no way to do this other than manually, one page at a 
time, which is a no go. There are 10s of thousands of pages.

I may have to write a new extension from scratch, but I'm finding it 
hard to believe this functionality does not already exist.

Have I overlooked something obvious? Am I the only one who has wanted 
something like this?

Thanks in advance.

M. Feldman


Vigil Health Solutions Inc.

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