[MediaWiki-l] InstantCommons - Images disappearing again

Dr. Michael Bonert michael at librepathology.org
Thu Feb 4 07:33:47 UTC 2016

In September 2014, I described an intermittent recurrent problem  
associated with the InstantCommons images.

I hadn't seen the problem seen since April or May of 2015.

It is now back -- after I upgraded to MediaWiki 1.26.2.
Unlike in the past, it hasn't resolved with a server re-boot.

I did have record traffic earlier in the week... but the problem  
--like in the past-- doesn't seem to be traffic related.

I cannot find a relation to memory. I'm not running out of memory.
The underlying LAMP (Debian Linux Apache MySQL PHP) stack hasn't changed.

Product	Versions
Operating System: Debian (stable)
MediaWiki	1.26.2 (f465524)
PHP		5.6.13-0+deb8u1 (apache2handler)
MySQL		5.5.44-0+deb8u1

The details of what is installed is here:

I do have git installed -- and am using it to upgrade.

Like in the past-- the image that is local to the site, i.e.  
is still there-- and displays properly. At the same time, all the  
images from the InstantCommons are gone.

A list of previous posts I did can be found here:

Help on this would be much appreciated...

I have a testing site (pathologyprotocols.org) that is running the  
exact same set-up (behind a login).
It is also failing suddenly in the same way; the InstantCommons images  
are gone.

I wonder whether...
- It is the InstantCommons server
- There is "talk" between the InstantCommons server and a MediaWiki  
install (with the InstantCommons activated).
     I know this as images that are removed from the InstantCommons...  
are then removed on then
     MediaWiki install with InstantCommons activated.

     I think the communication is governed by 'descriptionCacheExpiry'  
and 'apiThumbCacheExpiry'
       ? I wonder whether setting those to infinity would solve anything.
- I suspect the thumb cache is purged... and then there is a bug  
preventing the image from being
confirmed as being the same as on the InstantCommons... or there a  
processing bottle neck as the thumbnails have to be re-created.

Thanks in Advance,

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