[MediaWiki-l] Updating a 2007 MediaWiki?

Dorem - Jérémie Bouillon jeremie at dorem.info
Sun Oct 25 02:41:02 UTC 2015

Le 17/10/2015 17:51, Bartosz Dziewoński a écrit :
> MediaWiki is at least theoretically able to upgrade its database schema
> from any old version to current one for your chosen version, by running
> the maintenance/update.php script.

The issue is that any recent Mediawiki requires MySQL5+. But MySQL5+ 
can't read a dump from the old wiki, even with some edit of deprecated 
commands (like TYPE to ENGINE), handling of too long keys, there's 
always another error, always something more.

So it's seems to be a vicious circle. I can't upgrade MW because of 
MySQL, and I can't upgrade MySQL because the database scheme updates are 
in MW.

Any way around that, without being a sql guru? Should an intermediary 
upgrade to MW 1.8 resolves this?

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