[MediaWiki-l] Attempting to view .mp4 video file on Safari browser thru img_auth.php

Pine W wiki.pine at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 22:38:51 UTC 2015

I'm not sure if MediaWiki has the capability to support mp4 playback in
Safari at this time. Pinging Brion.


On Fri, Dec 18, 2015 at 9:16 AM, <kevstoy at aol.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Thanks you in advance for reading this post and any assistance! :)
> I'm attempting to view/replay a .mp4 video file that has been uploaded
> into my wiki using Mediawiki 1.25 thru the img_auth.php process on Safari
> on a Mac. The video player "becomes visible" and says "loading" but the
> content never plays. The file appears and plays just fine in Chrome, IE,
> and Firefox. So my question is has anyone else run into this issue and/or
> why would this be an issue just for safari? On a related note, I stuck my
> video file in one of my web accessible extension directories and the video
> file plays just fine on all browsers. So I'm thinking there's something in
> img_auth.php, but not sure.
> So details to test/recreate:
> - Simple/small .mp4 file: (e.g. TestVideo.mp4)
> - Mediawiki v1.25
> - Mac: v10.10.5
> - Safari: v9.0.2
> Test steps:
> 1) In my Wiki I use the Special:Upload page to upload my TestVideo.mp4 to
> the wiki. The result is two links like so:
> - http://server/MyWiki/index.php/File:TestVideo.mp4 and
> - http://server/MyWiki/img_auth.php/d/da/TestVideo.mp4
> If you go directly to the second link, the video plays fine in IE, Chrome,
> and Firefox but not in Safari.
> A follow up test:
> 1) I manually uploaded my TestVideo.mp4 to a random extension directory
> (since that was web accessible outside of img_auth.php) such as:
> - http://server/MyWiki/extensions/MyExtension/videos/TestVideo.mp4
> And this link plays the video just fine on all browsers.
> So does anyone have any thoughts (or solutions on how to fix) why
> img_auth.php is doing something that isn't properly playing the .mp4 video
> on Safari, but works on the other browsers?
> Thank you again for the assistance!
> Regards,
> Kevin Forbes
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