[MediaWiki-l] What PHP version do you use? (Chris Koerner)

Francis Franck francis.franck at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 16:23:13 UTC 2015

I fully agree with David Shaw.
I just posted the following:

Why, oh why is this environment getting so complex for users who have no
> terminal access to their server? Or am I the only one?
> Many extensions can only be installed via Composer. VisualEditor requires
> Parsoid. And so on. It's made impossible for us to stay up to date. Maybe
> users like myself are just a minority, but it is still a pity. Especially
> so because up to a year ago it all seemed so promising.
Kind regards,


On Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 5:14 PM, David Shaw <david.shaw.x23 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I concur with those who mention the difficulty of upgrading. I'm running
> MW 1.26.0 in a single-click installation on AWS.
> Other products I use -- including open source -- have a graceful and
> online update process.
> MW is built by developers for developers. I'm not a developer and every
> time I upgrade I'm scared. It's a fraught exercise.
> I have a few things that don't work, and I have no idea why. For
> example, file uploads stopped working somewhere along the way but I
> don't know when exactly. I didn't change file permissions; although I've
> fiddled with them endlessly since. I suspect it's something in the base
> AWS stack, but what? [Permissions seem to be an area of discussion with
> different falvours of Linux.]
> I would like to install Parsoid (why isn't it in the base install?) but
> nobody can offer insight into how to install it at docroot when you only
> have docroot access. I hired a Linux pro to help with that one and he
> threw his hands up. [Installation is easy, but how do you start it up
> automatically?]
> Why is the mobile frontend an add-on and not the default? It's 2015...
> Quite a few extensions have gone to a DevOps approach of continuous
> development and release, but how do I know when to update them? There is
> no online notifiction.
> All of these and more point to the legacy and Dev nature of MW.
> David
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> > Re: What PHP version do you use? (Chris Koerner)
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