[MediaWiki-l] Reorganizing your wiki when the whole world changes...?

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Thu Nov 20 08:28:03 UTC 2014

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Then maybe you should tag each article with a "Version"-template,
which specifies for which structure the article was written and adds
an appriopriate category. I recently saw this being used at

Am 19.11.2014 16:59, schrieb Daniel Barrett:
> Greg Rundlett (freephile) suggests:
>> The Replace Text extension works pretty well, and even warns
>> about conversions that can't be undone [1]
>> >http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Replace_Text  Perhaps
>> that's what you're referring to when you mention automatic search
>> and replace.
> Thanks Greg. I've used ReplaceText and it's pretty handy. We also
> use Pywikibot for similar things. However, these are one-to-one
> syntactic changes. The example I gave -- of revamping the periodic
> table of the elements, analogous to a company reorg -- requires
> more intelligence. I'm not talking about Hydrogen being renamed to
> "Bydrogen."  I'm talking about a paradigm shift in chemistry in
> which the old elements have been replaced by new *concepts*, not
> just new names. Instead of "elements" we now have "Foobles" that
> don't correspond one-to-one with the old elements. That's what
> happens in a corporate reorganization: team names don't just
> change. People are shuffled into an entirely new organizational
> shape. A company that was formerly organized by geography (USA,
> Europe, Asia) gets reorganized by function (Global Sales, Global
> Technology, Global Human Resources). In one second, all your wiki
> content about company structure becomes deeply wrong.
> In some ways, this is the wiki equivalent of database schema
> evolution, in which one set of organized data must be transformed
> into another. It's a very, very hard problem. I was wondering if
> anybody has successfully handled it.
>> One thing I do is to create and use templates like
>> {{CompanyName}}, {{PrimaryDomain}}, {{EngineeringTeam}} so that
>> you can use them throughout the wiki and update the template...
> We did this too, years ago, creating a {{CompanyName }} template.
> And then something amazing happened. Our company split into TWO
> companies, a parent and a subsidiary. Now, human intelligence is
> required to change each instance of {{CompanyName}} either to
> {{ParentCompany}} or {{ChildCompany}}. No automation can do this,
> short of A.I.
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