[MediaWiki-l] Third-Party Users Wish List - Does Anyone Know of Existing/Experimental Solutions?

Clément Dietschy clement at seizam.com
Wed Jan 30 15:33:39 UTC 2013

2013/1/30 Mariya Nedelcheva Miteva <mariya.miteva at gmail.com>
> Hi Clement,
> Thank you for sharing. What resources are you lacking in order to refractor your code and put on git?

We lack time, as everybody certainly does...

> Maybe somebody from the community will be willing to help. I can try to help you find resources.

We'd love to help anyone who think our code could be useful to the community.

> My guess is that you also have other interesting solutions that you use internally but have not been able to share. If so, please tell us about that as well.

Right, we have many other small extensions, developed from scratch or
adapted from the great work of others. I don't think they could be
very useful outside our system. But here they are...

* CarZam, bringing a JS carrousel & slideshow with input similar to <gallery>.

* LanguageSelector + PolyglotS, adaptated from the already famous
extensions from the same name.

* Transactions + ElectronicPayment, titles are quite explicit

* SkinZam, our skin, of course

> Mariya

Hope it helps.

Clément Dietschy

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