[MediaWiki-l] Faster Search Suggestions

Dave Humphrey dave at uesp.net
Fri Jan 18 22:25:42 UTC 2013

I've been playing around with getting the Lucene search to work on our
Wiki. So far so good although I've noticed that the "live" search
suggestions are relatively slow compared to the MediaWiki.org/Wikipedia
sites: 100ms compared to 30ms even though I'm physically much closer to our
site than the other sites.

I'm curious is the MediaWiki sites use a custom search suggestion
via $wgMWSuggestTemplate or some other way? I'll be playing some more with
the Lucene index to see if that can be improved in speed or not as well.

Dave Humphrey -- dave at uesp.net
Founder/Server Admin of the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages -- www.uesp.net

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