[MediaWiki-l] Interwiki extension

Alexis Moinet alexis.moinet at umons.ac.be
Sun Jan 13 17:39:33 UTC 2013

On 13/01/13 18:19, Steve VanSlyck wrote:
> Um, sorry to be a dummy but I've clicked every link I can find on the Extension:Interwiki and none has offered me a download.

Uh ? In the Download Section (*in the wiki text*, not in the right panel), there is the array that looks like this :

> MediaWiki version 	Extension version 	Git branch
> 1.19+                 2.1+                    master (snapshot)
> 1.17 & 1.18           1.4.1 (2011-06-21)      REL1_17 (snapshot)
> 1.16                  1.4.0 (2011-06-11)      REL1_16 (snapshot)
> 1.6 – 1.15            Upgrade your MediaWiki installation! 

each "(snapshot)" in the third column is a link that directly gives me a file Interwiki-blabla.tar.gz

for instance "master (snapshot)" directly links to


which for me directly triggers the download of a file named Interwiki-master-99fed5a.tar.gz without any intermediary step.

Does it work for you ?

Anyway, for 1.19, the current (it is about one year old) tagged version is this one:


For me this link directly starts the download of a file named Interwiki-eb39589.tar.gz

(link obtained from there: https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/gitweb?p=mediawiki/extensions/Interwiki.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/REL1_19 )

I think you should try "master" first and if it does not work then go for the REL1_19 version, or maybe ask the maintainer about which one to use.


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