[MediaWiki-l] Import issues

Dmitrii Kouznetsov dima at ils.uec.ac.jp
Wed Aug 21 20:22:41 UTC 2013

Hello, John.
I had problem of incompleteness, while exported (and then imported) files 
one by one. In my case, the incompleteness appeared because I had exported the 
articles to files with filenames that coincided with titles of the 
articles. For simple titles (one or few words) this worked well,
but if two articles have titles that differ only with the capitalization,
or the title contains slash /, or parenthetis (), the resulting mediawiki 
happens incomplete.
(Then I changed the exporting style; I just numerate the articles.)
Can it be anything similar in your case?
On Wed, 21 Aug 2013, John W. Foster wrote:

> Ive built a new mediawiki site at godaddy using their preinstalled
> mediawiki. seemed to work fine untill I started to try to import the
> exported files from my existing mediawiki. I did imort a backupDump file
> to the new site but it took several efforts & seemed very incomplete.
> Others here have said that the file I imported using
> the /maintainence/importDump.php script was not a complete backup, so
> I'm trying to fill in the gaps. The new site will import .xml files of
> about 100kbs, but not any of the larger files. I need it to import files
> of up to 20mbs. Godadddy says that I should be able to import up to
> 128mbs. What happens is that I get this error message.
> I see also that when I try to import a large file to my in house server
> that I've tried to rebuild using mediawiki 1.20.xx that I get the same
> error message.
> Also I recently upgraded my distro on my system here. However, I tried
> to upload a exported file from wikipedia to my GoDaddy based site using
> a working pristine version of Windows7pro, with exactly the same result.
> I think the issue is with the godaddy site but I do not know.
> At this point I am not sure where the issue is, so anyone PLEASE help.
> John
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