[Mediawiki-l] site mirror and master-slave question

chris chris at teslagovernment.com
Sat May 12 16:04:17 UTC 2012

I'm trying to find some further documentation or guidance (if any) on 
site duplication and then master-slave replication.

The scenario is this:

We have 2 Wiki's, each in their own network. The first wiki is available 
to our users now.  The second one is a clone of the first which was made 
a couple of months ago and hasn't been touched since. What I'd like to 
do is have the clone be the slave and the first one be the master. I'm 
thinking that the database would not contain the extensions, skins, 
possibly photos, templates ?  So I would have to push those over.  The 
clone or slave would only be for reading and not writing.

Can anyone give any guidance ?


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