[Mediawiki-l] Custom Bots - Bot does not recognize login cookie ?

Adam Meyer meyer7 at mindspring.com
Sun Jul 24 03:54:20 UTC 2011

Depending on what you are trying to do, you may be able to do it with the API instead of snoopy.
I wrote a small php framework/class extension that allows you to easily do things from edits, to page creates with just some simple methods.

I used to do a lot of editing pre-api with snoopy so I may be able to go back and look for that is you are set on using it.


On Jul 21, 2011, at 5:16 PM, Alok Watve wrote:

> Hello
> We have a mediawiki installation that we are using to maintain
> biodiveristy information.
> I want to write a custom bot which goes through a bunch of pages and
> makes some trivial changes periodically.
> I am trying to write a bot to do this and I am using BasicBot class
> along with Snoopy (description is here :
> http://wikisum.com/w/User:Adam/Creating_MediaWiki_bots_in_PHP)
> From the log files I can see that my bot logins successfully and gets
> a cookie brahma_session=VERY_LONG_HEX_NUMBER
> However, when he bot tries to use this cookie to login, it fails. I
> verified that apache receives the cookie but for some reason mediawiki
> does not recognize it and throws "login failure (or user not logged in
> to make change)" kind of error. Hence the bot fails to do any change.
> Can anyone help me diagnose whats going wrong here ? Any help will be
> greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Alok
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