[Mediawiki-l] Help with sitemap

Bruce Whealton bwhealton at futurewavedesigns.com
Mon Jul 4 20:56:21 UTC 2011

Hello all,
         I have not been able to get the google sitemap and the google 
analytics to work for me.  So, I have a MediaWiki site here:
which redirects to http://whealton.info/wiki/Main_page.
So, I wasn't sure if I should setup a Google profile for whealton.info, 
or whealton.info.wiki/
Webmaster Central at Google says that I can verify my site by uploading a 
page to
I had to create the directory wiki which I did and I uploaded the file to 
that directory.  The only possible problem was that the wiki software 
converted the link by capitalizing the G in google. No, wait, it says that 
it has the wrong content.
I tried to go into the shell account and make sure there was nothing in the 
file but that didn't work.  It still wouldn't verify.
Now, it is not accepting the sitemap either.  I think the reason for that is 
that the sitemap is using a url that has whealton.info/wiki/ in the path and 
yet the sitemap is at: http://whealton.info/w/sitemap.xml
Of course, when I manually copied the sitemap to 
http://whealton.info/wiki/sitemap.xml it didn't like that either.
I'm using the extensions from the MediaWiki site.
Can anyone help with this?

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