[Mediawiki-l] Re ad 1200 Pages into wiki

Gregor Hagedorn g.m.hagedorn at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 17:23:39 UTC 2011

Try: understand the xml-export available under special page. Export at
least two pages you created.

First follow the advice to use Open Office mediawiki export to
preserve as much formatting as possible.

many help or not.

then prepare your Wordprocessor file: replace & to &amp; > to &gt; and < to &lt;

Now replace the "article" borders with the stuff you find between  the
pages in your xml export.

The catch is to give each page the right title. If your base structure
is well defined, and you know end or previous to next title, end of
title to start of page content, you should be able to do it.

Add the start and end of the export "xml"

Save as plain text. Use an xml validator to check you did it right.
This is crucial...

Then try to import a small subset first.

This may help  - or not:

good luck!


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