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I have tried many ways to get around this problem unsuccessfully and am very glad to hear it (may) be fixed in 1.17.  If you do find a solution please post it.  One thing to note, if you save a file in Office7 as a "doc" file, instead of "docx", it is still going to have the docx mime type (zip).

For now I suggest to my users to do one of the following to get their Office7 documents into the wiki:

1) Save the document as a PDF, then upload the PDF file.
2) Contact me about uploading and I will temporarily turn off mime type checking ($wgVerifyMimeType = false in LocalSettings.php).  

I prefer method (1) since Office files, when selected by a wiki user, open in an Office application, like Word, which is an editor.  It is tempting for users to make edits and then save thinking that it will save back to the wiki when in reality they must save to their computer and then upload it to the wiki.  A PDF file will open in an adobe reader eliminating any confusion about editing the document.


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I have removed the extra entries in mime.info and mime.types. I have
changed to:-

$wgFileExtensions = array('png', 'gif', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'doc', 'xls',
'mpp', 'pdf', 'ppt', 'tiff', 'bmp', 'ps', 'pps');

I've saved the document in Word .doc format and using the markup:-


Gives me the same error:-

"File extension does not match MIME type."


MediaWiki v1.16.0, PHP v5.2.6 and MySQL v5.0.77 Apache v1.3.41

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