[Mediawiki-l] where can I get mw_tools? backup w/o shell

Holger wiki at idnp.de
Wed Apr 13 17:00:46 UTC 2011

Dear list,
dear chad,
dear Platonides,

sorry for the delay!

The Special:Export sounds complicated to me if I want to backup all
pages since I have to give all the pagenames. Do I not see the global

01.04.2011 00:28, Platonides:
> wiki at idnp.de wrote:
>> Hej list,
>> I want to backup mediawiki on webserver w/o shell, I learned that
>> mw_tools.zip from allwiki.com should be my friend.
>> Unfortunately allwiki.com is down and I don't know any other source.
>> Do you know an alternative download?
>> Another way of backing up without shell-access?
>> Thank you in advance!
>> regards Holger
> Do you have access by ftp? phpmyadmin?
> Make a database dump with phpmyadmin and download the uploaded files by ftp.

I hesitate to do so because I'm not sure about the Character_set and I
don't want to cramp the database if it is latin1.
Until now I couldn't find the place in phpmyadmin to determine the
Character_set reliable.

Any hints?


regards Holger

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