[Mediawiki-l] update.php ignores LocalSettings in command line mode

Daniel Barrett danb at VistaPrint.com
Tue Oct 26 15:01:16 UTC 2010

I had to do this for our family of multilanguage wikis. My solution was to write a Linux shell script that accepts one parameter, the name of the site (e.g., BarbarasWiki), and:

1. Copies LocalSettings.php to a temp file (say, my-temp-file.php)
2. Appends site-specific settings (for BarbarasWiki or whatever) to my-temp-file.php
3. Invokes "cd /mywiki/maintenance && php update.php --aconf my-temp-file.php $@"

Then I ran this for each site.

Maybe someday, MediaWiki will have built-in support of this kind for wiki families.  Right now you have to roll your own.


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while trying to update my wiki_family from 1.15.4 to 1.16.0, I see that
update.php tries to update my public schema, which contains no wiki.

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