[Mediawiki-l] SMW and genealogy

Łukasz Garczewski tor at wikia-inc.com
Fri Oct 22 06:39:28 UTC 2010

On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 4:06 AM, Bruce Whealton
<bruce at futurewavedesigns.com> wrote:
> 1)  Is it difficult to copy some of the content from one wiki into a new
> wiki that - that is to say copy some of the articles... an export of
> articles and then an import elsewhere.  I know MW lets one export and then
> import, so could one export a whole collection of articles or category of
> articles and then bring them into a new wiki?


> 2)  Would there be a way to export the Semantic data as well?  Forms,
> annotations, etc?

To my knowledge, yes, as everything's kept inside articles.

> 3)  Maybe some folks know more than I do about these things, such as the
> reasons one might want to self-host their wiki, in addition to using
> wikia.com

Well, self-hosting definitely gives you more control over your
environment and the extensions you want, while going with us at Wikia
will give you less of that, but that also means less tech work for you
as everything magically works, *and* gets enhanced over time.

Neither solution is inherently better, I believe – depends on what
your needs and preferences are. But you can always give us a try. ;)

> 4)  Similarly, would this create redundant or conflicting data or is there a
> way around that?  I guess one issue is about how open the data on wikia.com
> is.

All wikis at Wikia are publicly editable and open to public view in whole.

As for data access, we publish weekly XML dumps of both the current
versions of the wiki's article and the their full history.

Oh, and you'll need to request SMW to be enabled once your wiki is
setup if you with Wikia, as it's not in the default extension set (not
everybody needs SMW, after all) – go to Special:Contact on your new
wiki and ask for SMW or, if you have problems, drop me a line.

Hope that helps. :)

Lucas 'TOR' Garczewski
Wikia Tech Team

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