[Mediawiki-l] MultiFileUpload problem

David Benfell benfell at parts-unknown.org
Wed Oct 13 06:59:40 UTC 2010

On Tue, 12 Oct 2010, David Benfell wrote:

> Fatal error: Call to undefined method UploadForm::uploadform() in
> /var/lib/mediawiki-1.16.0/extensions/MultiUpload/MultiUpload.body.php
> on line 68
> I'm sorry but I just haven't any idea what that means.  And if
> Google is to be believed, no one else in the whole wide world has
> ever encountered this problem.  I could really use a hand.
So now that I've sent this, of course, I've found this:



So it doesn't work in 1.16.  And the alternatives seem horribly
kludgy.  Has anyone come up with something that actually works?

David Benfell <benfell at parts-unknown.org>
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