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nevio carlos de alarcão nevinhoalarcao at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 07:37:15 UTC 2010

Dear, thank you for the support. To be true, I don't want this particular
change in my page, but the information is very valuable and I think will
help me on other decisions. And if one do this I mean create that page what
one should do to revert the action? Just erase and save? All the best, Névio

2010/10/1 Reach Out to the Truth <reachouttothetruth at hotmail.com>

> > Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 18:53:38 -0300
> > From: nevinhoalarcao at gmail.com
> >
> > Hi all!
> > I am not a programmer and the few I know was learned from day after day
> > reading the messages of this mailing. Now I have a question if I may:
> > the  MediaWiki:Common.css
> > page of the wiki I manage don't exist. If I call it trough search box it
> > comes with create button available.  So I didn't undestand. In order to
> hide
> > history button should I create it only with "li#ca-history { display:
> none
> > !important; }" string?
> > Sorry for bad english and grammar mistakes and dumb questions?
> > Att, Névio
> If it hasn't been created yet, you'll have to create it. Go ahead and
> create it, adding that line below the comment. (Or remove the comment. It
> doesn't really matter.)
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