[Mediawiki-l] configuration of thumbnail gallery on image category pages

Platonides Platonides at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 13:44:47 UTC 2010

Uwe Baumbach wrote:
> Hi,
> in media wikis ("commons") there are image galleries on image category pages instead of pure title link lists.
> How do I configure those galleries:
> - size of an image
> - number of images per row
> Is this in $wgGalleryOptions ?
> (Introduced in version: 1.17.0 r63707 - this is not released yet)

So it seems. I wasn't aware of it. I think category pages use the
default gallery size.
Note that Wikimedia Commons isn't configuring the images per row using
that, but using a javascript to make it fill your screen

> But we carry MW 1.14.1 
> :-(

Boo! Go update!

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