[Mediawiki-l] moving many pages into a new namespace

Thomas Alexander Gerds tag at biostat.ku.dk
Mon Jun 7 07:32:37 UTC 2010

following up on my own question: do this using semantic inline queries
as follows.

to move all pages in the category "collaborator" into the namespace
"collaborator" use the maintance script moveBatch:

php moveBatch.php -u tag -r new-namespace -i 1 collMoveList.txt

for which one may generate the collMoveList with the following semantic


the template:formatMovePages looks like this


cheers tomy

Thomas Alexander Gerds <tag at biostat.ku.dk> writes:

> I would like to add a prefix to the title of many pages, in order to
> move them to a new namespace. the pages are all in the same category
> so
> in principle the replace text extension would be the tool. however,
> since replace text extension does not support regular expressions (I
> need to match the start of the title and replace it with the prefix)
> ...
> any help/solutions are very much appreciated!
> tomy 
> --
> sent from nil

sent from nil

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