[Mediawiki-l] Style pages based on category, possible?

Bernard@bernardHulsman.nl bernard at bernardhulsman.nl
Fri Jan 29 09:55:46 UTC 2010

Jean-Marc van Leerdam wrote:
> Bernard,
> On 28 January 2010 14:58, Bernard at bernardHulsman.nl
> <bernard at bernardhulsman.nl> wrote:
>> Jean-Marc, you have to use
>> http://handleiding.wikiation.nl/MediaWiki:Common.css . That is where it is
>> defined. It is no standard MW feature. There is no LocalSettings involved.
> The Common.css is only the part where you define the background color
> depending on the category you use. I.e. you specify that
> .cat-Timecode-future results in a background: #fff7e7
> That part is entirely clear to me, I use Common.css extensively.
> But in my mediawiki installation (1.13.3, and neither on mediawiki.org
> which uses 1.16alpha), there are no cat-[category name] classes being
> output. I see a ns-xxx and a page-yyy part in the body class, but no
> cat-zzz part. That is what confuses me.
Jean-Marc, I am not an developer myself, so I checked with my developer. 
There was indeed a patch needed to make this call work. That is standard 
for Wikibox Blue hosting, but not for MediaWiki.

This patch could be Open Source. I have started a discussion about 
making my complete software Open Source. The result was there could be 
abuse, and the Open Source licence does not protect me. I still have to 
go to court when there is an abuse. That I can not affort.

Separate propriety extension "catfeed" is made for Open Source in SVN, 
but there seems to be much delay. I do not know why, and to be honest, I 
do not want to investigate in it.

So sorry Jean-Marc, the information I gave you in an earlier stage was 
not complete.

And sorry I can not help you futher.

With regards,


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