[Mediawiki-l] Please convince me to make my software open source (2)

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Thu Jan 21 20:56:26 UTC 2010

Hy Platonics,

Thank you very much for your reply. I have used you reply to create a 
new thread "Please convince me to make my software open source (3)"

Your contribution is very valuable to me to me for making this important 

With regard Bernard

Platonides wrote:
> Bernard wrote:
>> Or a competitor can create the same kind of
>> SAAS solution but more cheap because I have the costs, and the 
>> competitor the profit.
> If the competitor doesn't innovate, he will be just copying your
> version, unable to provide the new features the client wants.
>> Credits
>> If I make my software Open Source I get the credits for that. That is 
>> very important to me. If enterprises want to use a wiki internally they 
>> can do so with the Open Source version. But the real knowledge is within 
>> Wikiation, my company.
>> Credits are very strong related to the license. Do I really get the 
>> credits? I know in theory it should be. But how this can be achieved in 
>> real life?
> Your extension should register itself in Special:Version. It will show
> there the extension name, the author and a link to its root site.
> If someone else uses your software to give out the same services as you,
> you will still be credited there. If they chosed the other guy just
> because he was 50% cheaper and it's enough his lower level of support,
> it's ok. If they want you can point on how the other guys are using your
> software, and show that your company is leading that development. Thus,
> it is in their interest to have the best company, that is, yours.
> Of course, you may be from that role if you stop improving it and
> another one does. Even in that case, you would still be able to give a
> better service to your customers than if you were the only owners of the
> extension by taking *their* fixes.
> Could the rival company remove the line giving you credit from there?
> Yes, but that is considered a Very Bad Behavior in the Free Software
> community, and are likely to be breaking the license. Almost all
> software licenses have a statement saying that the authors must be
> credited. They could argue that you are still credited in some hidden
> file, but that's borderline on their side.
> Removing from there a significant contributor (pretty much, the sole
> author!) from where they were shown, is morally dubious and might void
> their license to use your extension.
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