[Mediawiki-l] Please convince me to make my software open source

Bernard@bernardHulsman.nl bernard at bernardhulsman.nl
Mon Jan 18 19:23:53 UTC 2010

Ryan Lane wrote:
>> You really shouldn't make it open source.  If your business model at all
>> involves making money directly off these extensions, then open-sourcing
>> it will remove any barrier whatsoever to people paying you for them.
>> It's simply absurd.
> All of my extensions are open source. I have made money off of most of
> them by doing support. I make money doing support even though I
> generally give support away for free. People are willing to pay to
> have faster turnaround, and to have features added that are more work
> than I'm willing to do in my spare time for free.
> Open sourcing the extensions makes it far more likely that people will
> use them. It'll be more likely that they'll get improved, and
> maintained, and that features will be added more quickly. That is a
> perfect situation to offer support services. Since these extensions
> are for enterprise environments, it is likely that support will sell
> fairly well.
> Respectfully,
> Ryan Lane
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Ryan, see my reply to Boris. For developers that is correct. I am not a 

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