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Here is the install/help file I created.

It was done real quick so if there is anything wrong just let me know :-)

Also I have made 2 posts on the apage forum about this new feature :-)

I will wait to hear back from you before I message all the users.



To Install:

1. Download from: Apage Windows Uploader
2. Save the file and when it has downloaded browse to it and double click it
to run it.
3. The install process is automated. Once it has finished there will be an
icon on your desktop - Apage_Uploader Double click on it to launch.

How to use:

1. Enter your user name and password:
User Name: Your Apage user name
Password: Your Apage user password

2.Click on Log In.

3. The file browser should now be displayed.

4. Browse to the directory on your computer that contains the photo(s) you
want to upload.

5.Click on the file name of the image you want to view.

6.If you want to upload this image, click on the tick at the bottom right of
the image and that will add it to the upload list.

Before you upload the image(s) you can make some changes to the settings for
each image. These are:

Use this if you want the image to be displayed to all users. Select a
category that fits the image. (Album can not be selected for this feature to

Select the album you want to upload the image to. (Categories can not be set
for this feature to work)

Select this to set age restrictions for the image.

Select if you want to allow comments and the type of comments.

Enable / disable if this image can be rated by members.

Select if this image can be downloaded by members.

This will update during the upload process.

Repeat the steps 4-6 for each image. If you do not select the settings as
stated above and leave them blank, they will revert to Apages defaults.

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OrzzrO wrote:
> I only want to download the pages related to a category,such as "culture"
> or "history" category.

Go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Export
In "Add pages from category" insert: History and press Add.
A list of all articles in History category will fill the box.

You can add the contents of more categories and they will be added at
the bottom.
Finally, press Export to download a dump of those pages selected (you
can also manually add/remove them in the textbox).

Caveat: Adding the contents of Category:History will add the articles
directly at Category:History, but not those at Category:Historians,
which is a subcategory of History.

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