[Mediawiki-l] download a database dump

Platonides Platonides at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 14:33:13 UTC 2010

OrzzrO wrote:
> I only want to download the pages related to a category,such as "culture"
> or "history" category.

Go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Export
In "Add pages from category" insert: History and press Add.
A list of all articles in History category will fill the box.

You can add the contents of more categories and they will be added at
the bottom.
Finally, press Export to download a dump of those pages selected (you
can also manually add/remove them in the textbox).

Caveat: Adding the contents of Category:History will add the articles
directly at Category:History, but not those at Category:Historians,
which is a subcategory of History.

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