[Mediawiki-l] Recent Changes shows nothing!

Bill Taylor jazz at qnet.com
Sat Jan 9 16:26:55 UTC 2010

At 12:52 1/9/2010 +0000, Daniel Bishop wrote:
>First question:
>What is your $wgRCMaxAge set to?
>By default changes are only kept in the recentchanges table for 7 days.
>See http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgRCMaxAge

It isn't set on my wiki.  So I suppose the default should be in 
place.  But the  data was there up until day before yesterday. And 
the older data was accessible by directly editing the numbers in the URL.

Plus, I have a second wiki with essentially similar settings.  It 
still has the old data.  But that second wiki has much less activity 
and much fewer users than the first.

>Second question:
>Have you recently changed any settings on your wiki or run any of the
>maintenance scripts?

No.  No changes since the 1.15.1 upgrade.  Definitely nothing in the 
past week, unless my ISP did something.

>Otherwise I would suggest checking your server logs.

Yes, I may need to call in support.


Bill Taylor

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