[Mediawiki-l] memory size exhausted while diff

Florian Effenberger floeff at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 18:54:37 UTC 2010


>> It always throws an error message at me. I tried raising the PHP limit
>> to 128 MB and 60 seconds
> You haven't actually done so; your memory limit is ~34 MB.  You may be
> unintentionally overriding it with an .htaccess file or an ini_set() in
> LocalSettings.php.

I had already so. Then the script wanted to consume more memory, thus
leading to another memory limit exhausted message. Alternatively, it
stopped after 30 seconds with timeout. I raised the timeout to 60
seconds, then it stopped at 60 seconds, if not due to memory
exhausting. It seems there's a loop somewhere...


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