[Mediawiki-l] Setting up WikiFamily

Daniel Friesen dan_the_man at telus.net
Sun Sep 21 01:15:56 UTC 2008

Eh? Where are you getting your information?
Michael Daly wrote:
> Samuel Richardson wrote:
>> Would checking out the latest version of MediaWiki from SVN then replacing
>> each of the folders in the base MediaWiki install (excluding the Images
>> folder) with symlinks be enough? What do I do about some of the rogue php
>> files that living the root of the MediaWiki folder? (img_auth.php,
>> StartProfiler.php) etc? Symlink those as well?
> Images:
> If you have image uploads for each wiki, then you shouldn't symlink the 
> images directories (and subdirs).  Among other possible problems, you 
> won't be able to deal with name clashes.
We have the upload path and upload directory configuration variables for 
precisely those reasons. All you do is configure different paths for 
different wiki. There is no need to fiddle with symlinks or even 
multiple installations.
> If you only have uploads in a common wiki, then the images directories 
> are not essential.  On my wikis, I only have one common wiki for images 
> so all wikis can share the same files.
> Root:
> Each wiki should have its own root directory - no symlink here.  You'll 
> need separate LocalSettings.php files as well as other files in the root.
> Maintenance:
> For convenience, it's easy to have a separate maintenance directory for 
> each wiki.  That allows for the scripts to find their own version of 
> AdminSettings.php (in the root) and act "nicely" without having to 
> resolve paths and such when you run a script.
> You can symlink the maintenance directory if you choose - there was a 
> recent series of posts on this either here or on the msusers.com forum 
> (can't remember).
There is no need to duplicate maintenance directories. We have had the 
--conf= and --aconf= parameters for ages, passing --conf= alone is 
normally enough as LocalSettings.php normally sets the $IP which is used 
to find the AdminSettings.php. And on top of that as of 1.13 we have 
native support for the MW_INSTALL_PATH environment variable. Just set 
that and there is absolutely no issue with finding the location of files..
> Others:
> You can symlink the other code directories.
> Mike
The best way of hosting multiple wiki is using a single installation of 
MediaWiki, and testing the domain to determine what wiki to use config 
for. For command line stuff you can make your LocalSettings.php 
understand a environment variable, or find a way to pass a option 
argument specifying what wiki to use.

Aside from that, I personally handle different versions of MW with 
different modifications because I do development. So I use a symlink 
based setup.

That's what my own install directories contain... Every last single one 
of those is a symlink. Half of them might not even be needed. The skins/ 
isn't used, images/ is a useless one as well, and there are symlinks to 
legacy scripts that mostly aren't needed.

Personally, I use symlinks because it allows me to run different setups, 
different configurations, and such on different wiki. It's good for 
development, but wiki farming fits the single installation model best.

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