[Mediawiki-l] Cooperation-iws - Mediawiki on liveusb

Olivier oliv at gensys-net.eu
Tue Jun 3 06:28:46 UTC 2008


Cooperation-iws 0.3.1 is out.

Bug corrections and major change: port to Debian Lenny Live CD form 
http://debian-live.alioth.debian.org/ while keeping Ubuntu Hardy 

Some minor improvements in mediawiki module : compile math support.

Changes log:

0.3.1 release

-added Berlios 1 and Berlios 2 mirror functionnality
-fixed some bugs in Boot CD functions
-fixed Proftpd login change bug
-portage to Debian Lenny while keeping Ubuntu Hardy compatibility
-added Registered key support for Snort rules (to use with oinkmaster)
-created cooperation-wui tar.gz package
-added math support to mediawiki module
-move from Xnest to Xephyr
-added custom plugin wp-print for wordpress
-evoluate wpmathpublisher for wordpress
-evoluate local mirror functionnality
-merge demo and demo master functionnality for Live CD (only one kind of 
Live CD/DVD)

@+ Oliv

Olivier wrote:
> Hi,
> I am posting here for people that might be interested in running 
> Mediawiki on a nomad home / intranet server.
> I developped scripts to remaster Ubuntu Hardy (and soon Debian Lenny) 
> Live CD so that to make Live CD (Demo purpose only) or Live USB 
> (functionnal version) which provide web services of open source web 
> applications.
> The Cooperation-IWS Live USB allows you to have a ready to run server  
> contained on a usb key or a usb hard drive.
> Proposed Mediawiki module is version 1.12.0 (Actual) and other 
> applications are also proposed:
> Gallery2, Wordpress, KnowledgeTree, Nuxeo, PhpBB3, Mantis, Zenphoto, 
> Moodle, Cacti, snort, base, ossec, net2ftp, webmin, samba, ssh, ...
> As I am not a Mediawiki user myself (for the moment), only the bare 
> install is proposed and I am waiting for demands to add more 
> functionnalities.
> Cooperation-iws is under GPL2.
> A demo Live CD or Live USB version is also available.
> The blog's project address is here: 
> http://cooperation-iws.gensys-net.eu/blog
> @+Oliv
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